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Hi, let me introduce myself...

I’m a Product Designer working for EE (BT Group).

In 2017 I received my degree in Visual Communication (Graphic Communications) from Birmingham City University. In the December of 2017, I started my career at tech startup Semantic Audio Labs / Faders, working as their UX/Product Designer.

During July 2018 I began working part-time at Kadfire / RailPoint alongside Semantic Audio Labs. I continued to work these 2 jobs until December of 2019 when I also started working for another tech start up: WONDR. For the next 6 months I worked these 3 jobs throughout the week and at weekends (I really do like to be kept busy!)

In July 2020 I focused all my attention to the world of E-Commerce at Lounge Underwear in Solihull as their first in-house UX Designer. I actively evolved the website across all 11 of our stores globally and I took ideas from on paper to high fidelity, interactive prototypes. I worked closely with the development team to get new experiences live and then commence extensive testing to make data informed design decisions. User centred design is at the heart of everything I do.

As of January 2022 I've been working for BT Group: BT, EE & Plusnet) as a Product Designer. I started out in the Plusnet tribe working on the Buy and Renew Broadband and Mobile squad.

As of June 2023 I have been working in the EE Gaming squad, within the Go to Market tribe.

(Other than design I enjoy skateboarding, cycling, golf and ice hockey....annnd very hot food!)

The S-N of Stefan

A quick video about me - Have a watch with your sound on.

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