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2019 - 2020


Connecting the World's Conscious Citizen's

WONDR brings curious like-minded people together to learn about topics they’re passionate about.

I worked at WONDR part time and on weekends as the lead UX Designer between Dec 2019 to July 2020 (whilst working at both Kadfire and Semantic Audio Labs).

Located in Birmingham, I was responsible for designing the UI on both mobile app and website as well as creating a new design system from the ground up.

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Me - Product Designer
4 Devs
1 Dev Ops
Digital Marketing Team

Tools used





Project status


What was I working on?

Whilst working at WONDR I designed everything you see today on the app. This included:

  • A messenger

  • Creating the uploading posts & projects flow

  • The website

  • The onboarding flow for new users

  • Email designs

  • Browser plugin for sharing content directly to the app

  • Account profiles

  • Notifications

  • The app search

  • Inviting non users to the app

A lot of what I worked on here is still in development and WONDR are strict with what I share, but this is what I can share!

Creating a post and sharing to the community

This was one of my favourite projects I designed at WONDR. I designed the UI and user flow of how posts are created and shared online on WONDR. The final version that went live went through vigorous user testing and was made better using feedback. Below is the result of the final journey that is now live. 

The WONDR onboarding process

Here is the onboarding process for new users to the WONDR app. I had a lot of fun making this journey unique and not like every other signing up process out there. The result was something fun and engaging, as it expanded on the options and interests selected by the user by giving them a more tailored experience upon loading up the app.

Creating a post and sharing to the community

Whilst working at WONDR I designed everything you see today on the app.

Get the WONDR app here!

Click these links to download the app and try it for yourself.

WONDR website redesign

Another project I was hugely proud of was designing the new WONDR website that was later featured in 'The Guardian!'

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