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The Fitting Room

Lounge Underwear

Finding your bra and bottoms size and fit in the comfort of your own home online.



Me - UX Designer
3 Front End Devs
Digital Marketing Team
SEO Manger
2 Copywriters
Creative Team

Tools used

Figma + FigJam
Google Analytics
Google Optimise
Adobe After Effects

Project status

Launched (Your Fit US only at the moment)

The Problem

The current Fitting Room takes too long to complete and has high bounce rates.

Image: The existing Lounge Underwear Fitting Room.


How do we create a more meaningful interactive experience boosting awareness and increasing sign-ups?


What do users understand about their bra size and fit today?

Guessing game

A lot of users are guessing their size and fit. They have never been professionally measured, or maybe have never had the confidence to.

Your bra might be comfortable, but is it providing the support you need and putting you at risk of long term injury?

How do you know whats right?

All shapes & sizes

People change in size. They might not be the same size they were today as they were 6 months ago. No two people are the same, we’re all unique.

We want to help users feel empowered and confident with talking about breasts and their bodies.

Gaining independence

Proposed Solution...

Create meaningful streamlined experience for users wanting to find their bra size and fit. Link your size to your account for faster shopping.

Introduce a new user interface that can be accessed anywhere on the site. Streamlined so that it can be completed in less than the current 3 minutes to fill out. All whilst optimising for fast site speed/load times.
Manage your sizes in your account and use to filter on collection pages. And for a faster checkout experience - on product pages.

Image: The existing Lounge Underwear Fitting Room.

Design Principles

Ensure that the experience is accessible for all users. Not all of our users are aware of their size or have ever had a fitting session before.
It’s our responsibility to provide clear and accurate sizing advice to our users.

Provide Guidance

Create a quick step-by-step experience that can be done in the comfort of your own home. Don’t bloat up the process!

Did I mention make it fun?!It’s our responsibility to provide clear and accurate sizing advice to our users.

Keep it simple & make it fun!

Build confidence by showing the power of the experience. Guide the user to check their breasts at home and be empathetic to all types of body sizes.
Reasure the user their size data will not be shared anywhere.

Build Confidence

Journey Map

Initial Storyboard

First High Fidelity Prototype (Mobile First Approach as 90% of our users are mobile).

Mobile & Desktop prototype overview.

User Testing

“Still feels very bloated and there’s a lot of steps that seem useless and don’t really help or inform me”.

Still too long/Too many steps

“I don’t like how I have to check the email if I forget my size. I should be able to do this in my account or something”.

Where can I find my size if I forget?

“Still feels very bloated and there’s a lot of steps that seem useless and don’t really help or inform me”.

Can’t see how long I have left

Final Design

Entry Point - Homepage (Mobile)

Finding your Lounge Fit (Mobile)

Finding your Lounge Fit (Mobile)

Finding your Lounge Fit (Mobile)

Auto Fill Size Information

Out of Stock Size

Filter By Your Size

Manage Your Fits - Main Menu

Manage Your Fits - My Account

Design Handoff

I worked closely with engineers to validate the design and copy implementation. Along with daily stand ups, we also had weekly demos and would occasionally sit together and cross check implementation with the final designs.
The new experience was launched on the US/International store first. We phased in the implementation one store at a time so that we could monitor its success in more digestable chunks. This involved comparing data such as sign ups and bounce rates to the old version, whilst continuing to optimize and iron out any technical errors/bugs/areas of slow site speed.

Business Impact

Following the initial launch, the experience was launched we have seen a huge boost in email sign ups and had positive feedback from our new and existing users. We continue to optimize the experince with A/B testing.

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