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2018 - 2020


A creative agency for the transport industry

Kadfire is the parent company of RailPoint who have clients for all major rail transportation companies across the UK.

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Me - Digital Designer


4 Devs

Creative Studio Manager

Tools used







Adobe XD

Project status

Multiple projects launched

What I worked on?

During my time at Kadfire/RailPoint, I created various help point user interfaces for rail passenger clients all over the UK. Below are a few examples of what I created, which are now live amongst the public.

LNER - RailPay

RailPay is one of the latest additions to the RailPoint line. It allows passengers to purchase train tickets from a RailPoint help point and download them to their mobile phone, to be used for travel. Here are a few screens of the process I designed:

Great Northern

This project was focused on pitching a new concept to Great Northern. Our RailPoints now had Google Maps integration which made them more accurate than ever before, and gave us the ability to plan journeys with more than just rail.

Here is the design I created and pitched to Great Northern which resulted in them ordering a bunch of units that are live today!

West Midlands Railway

Here is a promotional motion graphic video I made in collaboration with West Midlands Railway

RailPoint & Kadfire websites

Take a look at the RailPoint & Kadfire websites here:

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